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What is JukeBox and who is it for?

JukeBox is MPS’ content requesting portal, a business to business (b2b) website linking film programmers with content owners.

Content includes current film releases, back catalogue titles and Event Cinema.


How do I join?

If you are a film distributor, sales agent or other film rights owner please write to us and tell us about the titles you represent.  Please ensure you include your company name, website, territories and your contact information in your email – more details can be found on JukeBox.

If you book content for cinemas or a film festival you can register your estate directly on JukeBox.

We look forward to hearing from you!



Need some help?  Just ask…

I can’t login

To login to Jukebox you need a myMPS account – get help with myMPS.


I can’t find the film I’m looking for

Write to us with the title you are looking for and we’ll see if we can help you locate the rights owner.


I can see the film I want before I login in, but not after I have logged in. Can you help?

This is usually because the distributor advertising the film does not have rights in your territory. Once you are logged into JukeBox what you see is filtered based on the rights availability.

Write to us and we’ll help locate the owner of the rights for your territory.



Any questions?

Contact the JukeBox team

[email protected]