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MPS increases its investment in international distribution, acquiring Gofilex majority stake

16 Dec 2019 - Motion Picture Solutions - News

MPS invests in international distribution, acquiring majority stake in European digital delivery specialist, Gofilex

London, 6 January, 2020 – Leading international film services company Motion Picture Solutions (MPS) today announced it has acquired the majority stake in Gofilex, the European theatrical content delivery specialist.

Operating within the film industry since 1938, Gofilex originally provided studios, independent distributors and exhibitors with 35mm movement logistics. Based in Zeist, Netherlands, and with offices throughout Europe, in recent years Gofilex has become better known in the cinema market for the quality of its digital content network — now connected to more than 2,500 sites — and for its market-leading IP streaming and live content delivery solutions that provide customers with full visibility, control and security over their content flow.

Core to MPS’s own business and its vertically stacked service lines is the distribution of feature films, trailers and marketing content, with dynamic IP delivery being central to the way in which the company envisages content being consumed in the future. Gofilex’s intelligent technology, in combination with MPS’s KeyGen KDM management platform and its own existing electronic distribution network, makes good on this promise of dynamic content delivery.

“MPS’s ethos and its attitude towards its customers large and small has always been closely aligned to our own,” commented Gofilex CEO Paul Huis in ‘t Veld, adding: “MPS’s support enables us to pursue our network expansion strategy both here in Europe and around the world and ensures that Gofilex can retain its innovative and responsive approach to the needs of customers in both exhibition and distribution. The team at MPS are in the vanguard of change in the film industry, so we are delighted that our partnership has now turned into so much more — and will continue to grow in strength in the future.”

“MPS’s further investment in Gofilex will assist the implementation of our ambitious growth plans,” explained Matt Aspray, CEO at MPS, adding: “We’ve worked closely for several years with Paul and Cathy — the driving forces behind Gofilex’s IP solution — and we firmly believe that their platform is the one that will help MPS to roll out the latest generation of content distribution to our industry partners in new territories worldwide. It’s an exciting time for both of our companies and we’re thrilled to bind our working relationships together with this important investment.”

Following MPS’s investment, Gofilex’s CEO Paul Huis in ‘t Veld will continue his tireless efforts in deploying the MPS/Gofilex network throughout key European markets, while CTO Cathy Huis in ‘t Veld-Esser will continue to work closely alongside MPS’s development team, aligning the two companies’ technologies and their joint strategic roadmap.


About Motion Picture Solutions:

Based in London and LA, MPS is a leading international film services company. Our technologies support distributors and exhibitors at all stages of the movie delivery chain. Annually, MPS is instrumental in the release of hundreds of titles to thousands of screens globally, from box office blockbusters to small release independent films.

Our services include the creation and delivery of trailers across all platforms, marketing campaign delivery, 24/7 post-production and mastering, international versioning, secure electronic distribution, KDM management, creative effects, technical consultancy and première support.


About Gofilex:

Headquartered in the Netherlands, Gofilex was founded in 1938. Traditionally working for and with studios and independent distributors and cinemas and art houses for digital content, 35mm and merchandise delivery. For this Gofilex has both digital network and physical facilities for temporary and permanent shared storage, handling, secured international transportation and content network delivery services. All are supported with state-of-the-art multi-disciplinary ICT architecture developed in-house.