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MPS and Labo announce a new facility in Burbank — MPSLabo

27 Sep 2017

MPS and Labo are proud to announce a new joint venture, MPSLabo — a core facility based out of Burbank, California, with services spanning post-production and content distribution. This strategic partnership brings together two well-known and dynamic facilities to service the American film industry and the wider International market.

Motion Picture Solutions Ltd and Labo today announce a joint venture — MPSLabo — which sees the creation of an international entertainment content services partnership based in Burbank, California, that draws heavily on the experience and technology of two leading industry vendors.

Mexico-based Labo, one of the principal post production, digital and film processing entities serving distributors and exhibitors in the Americas and UK-based content mastering and distribution specialist Motion Picture Solutions have each built their reputations as industry vendors over the past 12 years. As trusted and secure service providers, together these two firms count major Studios, independent distributors, and production companies worldwide as their customers.

The joint venture, which sees both companies investing 50:50 in the facility and its technological infrastructure, is already delivering for customers, with a roadmap in place to expand the facility’s suite of services in the coming months.

“MPS and Labo share very similar company histories and cultures,” explained Labo CEO Charles Barthe, “but each has its own strengths — with Labo having a particular focus on distribution and post-production services, film archiving and restoration, while MPS is a leader in KDM management and content localization, mastering and distribution internationally. Distilling these strengths into one facility in the heart of Hollywood makes enormous sense and allows both companies to expand the services they offer Studio and distributors customers at every stage of the entertainment supply chain.”

“Opening this full service facility in Burbank will greatly expand MPS’s reach to distributors worldwide. We look forward to working with US Domestic distributors whilst also providing additional ‘follow-the-sun’ capability for our International clients,” noted Matt Aspray, CEO of MPS, “We are excited to be bringing to the US domestic market some of our ground-breaking technologies and services which for the past 10 years have serviced international studios, and distributors.“