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MPS acquires the Chinagraph London creative agency

09 Sep 2019

Motion Picture Solutions (MPS), one of the world’s leading international film mastering and distribution entities, is delighted to announce the acquisition of the audio-visual creative agency Chinagraph London, bringing the skills and experience of one of Soho’s most respected content marketing teams inside the MPS Group.


With a strong track record delivering marketing campaign material including sales promos, theatrical trailers, TV spots, digital content, social media materials and more, Chinagraph has built a considerable reputation in this sector — notably for its work on behalf of clients including Pathé, NBC Universal, Paramount and Eon Productions. The acquisition sees the Chinagraph team join MPS in its London headquarters working alongside the existing localisation, creative and mastering teams who already deliver hundreds of theatrical releases annually for major studios and independent distributors.

“For years, at MPS we’ve been building trailers and localising content,” explained MPS CEO Matt Aspray, “adding the creation of marketing elements to the front of the pipeline makes perfect sense — particularly as Chinagraph’s service suite extends beyond theatrical release into the downstream lifecycle as well. MPS and Chinagraph have historically shared a similar client base – from a workflow management and efficiency perspective, as content release windows become more vertically stacked we believe this move will be of enormous benefit to our customers.”

“Strategically and culturally, MPS and Chinagraph are a perfect fit,” explained Steve O’Pray, MD and co-founder of Chinagraph, “Like Chinagraph, MPS has an energetic team whose focus is consistently on customers. MPS’s dominant role across the timeline of theatrical localisation, mastering and distribution means our team will be well-positioned to add a broader range of services earlier in the pipeline. MPS also brings the scalability and the talent and diversity in its workforce that we need to help us deliver more of what we’ve built our reputation on. The MPS team are a great bunch to work with, too — and we’re delighted to become a part of that.”

The acquisition of Chinagraph, finalised last month, will bring a team of seasoned and highly credited producers and editors into MPS’s 150-strong staff.

Click here to see a range of the Chinagraph team’s recent work.


About Chinagraph

Founded in 2015, Chinagraph is an audio-visual creative marketing agency formed with the express purpose of delivering memorable and innovative entertainment content that inspires reaction and creates intrigue.

From critically acclaimed Indies to the biggest blockbusters, its award-winning team works tirelessly to craft their clients’ vision, generating unique, standout campaigns across theatrical, TV, digital and social channels.