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Mastering & localisation

MPS provides services that go far beyond pure DCP creation and logistics. We specialise in high-quality, integrated GFX, mastering and localisation services that create true "turn-key" solutions for our clients' international releases. Our team regularly generates upwards of 200 localised versions for a single global release — we pride ourselves on our speed of turnaround and our "can-do" approach to our clients' projects.


GFX work

Our Creative Services team has a strong background in motion graphic design, using their skills on the latest industry standard software and hardware to generate high-quality work across a range of projects including inserts, 3D depth-mapping and title work.

video editing.3.3.1


Using the latest encoding technology, our DCI-compliant mastering and versioning work encompasses a full range of services and industry specifications — including 2K, 4K, 3D and HFR shows, all of which can be QC'd in-house.



MPS is expert at localising content, producing multiple territory versions of features within distributors' tight release schedules. Our subbing, dubbing and graphic work ensures that, wherever your content is screened, it is perfect for the local audience.

Graphic design

Creativity tailored to your audience

Our Creative Services team are experts at graphic manipulation on feature titles — their work spans a full range of solutions from title creation to holding card and marketing material production, with their skillset including 3D stereoscopic design for localised versions, front-end design and trailer compilation.

International Versioning

À MPS, nous parlons votre langue

Annually, MPS creates many thousands of international versions of features and trailers for release worldwide. Our work on titles includes subbed, dubbed and 2D/3D DCP mastering, with audio work including, among others, 5.1, 7.1, Dolby Atmos, Barco Auro and DTS:X versions, all encoded on the very latest industry standard Clipsters.

QC / Screening facilities

Seeking perfection? It's all in-house

MPS's secure facility in London features five separate QC rooms as well as a newly installed, D-Box equipped 10-seat screening room that supports 5.1, 7.1, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X versions. Want to ensure your pre-release content is perfect for the big screen? We're set up for that.

More Services

Global IP and Satellite Delivery


Title treatments

Our Creative Services team are experts at replicating consistent, high-quality, title treatments for foreign versions.

show curtain.3.3.1

Trade show clips

Need to showcase your forthcoming releases? Let MPS create the perfect showreel for you.

3 d title.3.3.1

3D subtitling

MPS has its own bespoke solution for accurate placement of subtitles at the correct depth without interfering with content.

Censor changes / edits

Censor changes / edits

MPS regularly works alongside classification houses and censorship bodies internationally to ensure features meet local demands.

Translation / Subtitling

Translation / Subtitling

Our in-house translation and subtitling team are multi-lingual specialists who ensure features make sense wherever they are shown.

vod workflow

VOD workflows

From mastering digital assets to delivery of VOD files, MPS has the scale to support the industry as innovation drives it forward.