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Serving the exhibitor

The foundations of MPS's exhibitor services are delivery of features, trailers and KDMs, as well as live event management and technical support. To build on these pillars, our brand new OnCinema platform offers exhibitors automated KDMs, a content catalogue of thousands of new releases, repertory and live event titles and simplified electronic delivery.


Satellite / IP delivery

The majority of MPS's electronically distributed content within EMEA is sent to sites over satellite, with reliable IP delivery and back-up solutions available.


Control your content

Our cinema server, LANsat, is a library management system, live event receiver and DCP/KDM receiver all wrapped up in one award-winning box.


24/7 support

If you need our help, you probably need it right now. Our cinema support team knows that. It's why they never go to bed.

One world for cinema content. OnCinema.

The right content at the right time

Built to bring Exhibitor and Distributor closer together, OnCinema integrates many of MPS's existing distribution and content services with innovative technology that makes electronic content delivery simple and certain. The OnCinema exhibitor infrastructure — including the award-winning LANsat receiver — ensures you get the right content at the right time.

KDM confusion? Solved.

Unlock your content automatically

MPS is the market leader in automated KDM generation, with a Trusted Device List that reaches digitally equipped screens on every continent. Our latest KDM generation technology has the capacity to create no fewer than 1.5billion automated KDMs per annum. So why chase a KDM when our automated systems do it for you?

Event Cinema’s our thing

Live events happen with MPS

MPS manages 130 live events a year and our event cinema solution, LANsat, offers professional-grade hardware that receives HD, 3D and 4K live events. We provide both IP and Satellite delivery methods and offer fully managed real-time support to exhibitors during live events, as well as self-managed options.

More Services

Global IP and Satellite Delivery

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Festival Support

Running a festival? MPS's specialist engineers regularly provide their expert technical support at major film festivals around the world, including Edinburgh, Venice, and Locarno.

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Field Engineering

From a projector bulb swap to a full projector installation, MPS engineers regularly undertake planned maintenance and repair work on behalf of exhibitors

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Technical Consultancy

Need advice on the optimal set-up for your site? MPS has experience of hundreds of screening locations and can offer professional support in choosing and sourcing equipment.

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Equipment Sales

MPS can source and supply a wide range of digital cinema equipment, including new and second-hand equipment. Give us a call about your specific requirements.

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Live event management

From tests through to live broadcast, with LANsat managed events our 24/7 international support team offers a full remote management service.

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Equipment hire

Projector packed up at the critical moment? MPS has a full range of digital cinema equipment available for hire.