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MPS engineering — because presentation matters

MPS was founded over 10 years ago as a specialist provider of engineering and technical support to film distributors for their pre-release screenings and premieres. Our reputation in this area is unparalleled and today we offer a range of specialist technical consultancy, field engineering and support services tailored to your needs. Whether it’s a festival, a premiere or a new cinema installation, MPS engineers get the job done.

Screening room installations

Screening room installations

Planning a new preview theatre or a bespoke screening room? The MPS engineering team has the imagination and the skills to meet your brief and see your project to fruition.


Premieres & special screenings

From Leicester Square, to the Royal Albert Hall, MPS has a track record of delivering the director’s vision where and when it matters most. We regularly support international premieres, press screenings and multimedia events.

Maintenance & equipment rental

Maintenance & equipment rental

Whether your maintenance is planned or your projector suddenly fails, MPS is on hand with the experience and equipment to ensure that the show always goes on.

Specialist screenings

We put the director's vision on screen.

MPS has an unrivalled reputation in the industry for our technical support of major international premieres, press screenings and multimedia and VIP screenings, but our work isn’t just about the red carpet events. We can also arrange test screenings in the post-production stages at high-quality cinema venues. When quality matters most, call on MPS.

Uncompromising standards

Because perfection needs precision

Our engineers ensure the work they do is of the highest level, whether it’s a simple case of cleaning lenses and port glasses or the critical sync check to ensure the projection system is outputting picture and sound in time alignment. Before every event, they rehearse the movie and make final adjustments accordingly to ensure that the film is shown exactly as the director intended.

Bespoke venue installations

From concept to finished project

If you’re planning a screening room installation, whether in a cinema or a non-theatrical venue, our team has the expertise to assess your requirements and work alongside screen and sound professionals to manage your project from concept through to delivery.

More Services

A full suite of engineering solutions

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Field Engineering

From a projector bulb swap to a full projector installation, MPS engineers regularly undertake planned maintenance and repair work on behalf of exhibitors

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Festival Support

Running a festival? MPS's specialist engineers regularly provide their expert technical support at major film festivals around the world, including Edinburgh, Venice, and Locarno.

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Equipment Sales

MPS can source and supply a wide range of digital cinema equipment, including new and second-hand equipment. Give us a call about your specific requirements.


Slate presentations

Are you a distributor looking to showcase your upcoming features? A business looking to run an awe-inspiring AV presentation? We can help with one-off events of this kind.


Bespoke venues

Planning a screening in castle, a roof garden or on a helipad? Shouldn’t be a problem. MPS engineers can set-up their kit wherever the mood takes you.

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Equipment hire

Projector packed up at the critical moment? MPS has a full range of digital cinema equipment available for hire.