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MPS — a global content distribution partner

MPS has been operating in the digital cinema sector for more than 10 years — we are trusted by major studios and independents to handle content distribution internationally for many of their flagship titles. With our systems connected to more than 115,000 screens worldwide, our electronic distribution services have a truly international reach.


Electronic distribution

Our IP and Satellite electronic distribution infrastructure is the most advanced in the industry, handling DCP, trailer and KDM sends robustly and rapidly.

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The KDM experts

MPS is a market leader in KDM generation. Our proprietary KDM platform connects with more than 115,000 screens worldwide and can generate upwards of 1.5billion automated KDMs a year — making KDM emails a thing of the past.

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Dynamic delivery

Our new content platform, OnCinema, integrates a number of MPS's existing distribution services to cut through the digital confusion. For accurate, timely delivery of your content, trust MPS.


The dynamic content platform

OnCinema is a new international delivery platform that combines innovative technology with trusted distribution services. Acting as a showcase for thousands of new releases, back catalogue and repertory titles, the OnCinema platform uses IP and Satellite networks, and API connections to major distributors, to ensure the right content is received at the right time. The platform allows users to track and manage content, giving clarity to all theatrical bookings.

LANsat — perfectly delivered

Our award-winning content receiver

LANsat, our proprietary receiver for receipt of KDMs, advertising, feature and trailer content, offers guaranteed delivery across IP or Satellite connections, monitoring of files, free automated key delivery and management to exhibitors, backed by studio-approved Service Level Agreements.

Event Cinema

Delivering live cinema events globally

At MPS we’re passionate about event cinema. Whether you’re new to the sector or a content owner, read our brochure for a market overview.

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Distribution Management

We live for deadlines

MPS's content delivery team specialise in international feature distribution. Using our network of territory partners and our LANsat infrastructure, we regularly handle major releases — both electronically and physically — with the capability to dispatch up to 800 HDDs a day.

More Services

A full suite of distributor solutions

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Encrypted DCP delivery

To ensure content security, MPS can distribute your features, both electronically and physically, protected by the highest industry standard encryption.

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Trailer delivery

On a daily basis, MPS manages the rapid delivery of 1,000s of trailers via LANsat, satellite, download links and DVD/USB methods.

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Auto-KDM delivery

The latest version of KeyGen, our KDM management solution, is a first for the industry, with the power to create automated KDMs — no emails, no hassles.


Premiere / festival support

Our reputation in the industry for technical and distribution support for major world premieres, special screenings and leading international festivals is second to none.

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Live event production

MPS acts as a single point of contact for live event broadcasts, including production, capture, satellite booking and support services to cinemas.


Territory partnerships

MPS has 14 partnerships with vendors internationally, giving us the capacity to distribute all content to all continents