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Motion Picture Solutions, MPAA accredited and Fact approved create DCPs (digital cinema packages) to the DCI (Digital Cinema Initiative) specifications.

We can create DCPs for any element and convert into a 24 fps dcp.

VF and True PSNR encoding to reduce DCP size.

DCP Quick Quote

Please use the facility below to obtain a quote* for the mastering of your DCP. Set the duration of your DCP in hours and minutes and let us quote you:

*Please note prices are indicitave and do not include VAT

KDM for

MPS can manage your KDM (Key Delivery Mechanism) or you can use our online KDM generator with over 60,000 screens registered, KDMs can be generated free of charge and sent directly to the cinema.

This service is used by over 100 territories around the world and generates tens of thousands of KDMs a week.

KeyGen has been intergated into a number of system to enable KDM generation to be directly controlled by theatrical booking systems, giving greater control and booking releated KDM generation.

If you would like a demonstration of the system please contact us..


Using a variety of distribution methods, MPS sends DCP trailers, shorts and films around the world, including Satellite, Smartjog and drives.

We have funded a nationwide roll out of DVD loaders to be able to supply trailers and over 500 sites, making this a cost effective solution to deliver.

We have a dedicated T1 transfer system to Cinelab in Russia and transmit encrypted DI files and DCPs within hours of receiving.

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