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What We Do

Our main services

MPS is a leading international film services company, providing end-to-end solutions at all stages in the field of theatrical film delivery.

From 24/7 post-production and mastering through to secure electronic distribution, KDM delivery, live event management, creative services and specialist technical consultancy, MPS offers distributors, exhibitors and industry partners a culture of innovation, a high level of expertise and fast turnaround times.

We’re passionate about digital cinema — whatever your requirements, get in touch.


MPS gets films on screens

Whether it's our new OnCinema content platform that is revolutionising electronic content distribution to cinemas, our specialist live event management services or our award-winning LANsat server designed to make receiving Digital Cinema Packages (DCP) effortless, MPS works hand-in-hand with Exhibitors worldwide to ensure theatrical content is always right where it should be — on the big screen.


The delivery specialists

MPS has specialised in DCP creation since the advent of digital cinema, giving us unparalleled expertise in the sector. Today, our services to distributors go far wider, encompassing mastering, localisation and GFX work on feature films for major Hollywood studios and independents alike, as well as global trailer and DCP delivery using IP and Satellite solutions, an industry-leading automated KDM management platform, and unrivalled technical consultancy and premiere support. Our latest development aims to bring the distribution and exhibition worlds closer together through our dynamic content platform, OnCinema.

Mastering & localisation

Fully DCI compliant file creation

MPS creates thousands of DCPs every year for clients ranging from major Hollywood studios and mini-majors, to independent distributors and filmmakers. Whether your title is a box office blockbuster or a student film project, all our work is undertaken with the same degree of care and professionalism.

MPS specialises in the creation of cutting edge digital workflows and our services include state-of-the-art 3D depth-mapping, immersive sound and GFX creation, all overseen by a dedicated team of producers who manage our clients’ projects with a diligent, customer-oriented approach.


We deliver the director's vision

MPS was founded as a specialist provider of engineering and technical support for pre-release screenings and premieres. Our reputation in this area is unparalleled and today we offer a range of specialist technical consultancy, field engineering and support services tailored to your needs. Whether it’s a festival, a premiere, a new cinema installation or routine maintenance, MPS engineers get the job done.