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Welcome to Motion Picture Solutions

Culture of innovation.
High level of expertise.
Flexible and reactive.

Motion Picture Solutions are a leading film services company in the UK, offering an end-to-end solution from post-production and mastering through to distribution, KDMs and screenings. We’re proud to serve the motion picture community and we're passionate about digital cinema; whatever your requirements, please get in touch for a quote or more information.

Mastering & Localisation

Digital cinema mastering has been at the heart of MPS’s business since 2006. Since that time we have made more than 20,000 Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs) for international studios, UK distributors, post-production and independent filmmakers.

Our portfolio includes the seamless integration of accessibility services, streamlined 3D workflows, subtitle origination and GFX creation. Dedicated account managers oversee and help plan your projects, supporting our innovative, flexible and customer-oriented processes.

LANsat & Distribution

LANsat is MPS’s receiver for electronic distribution of DCP packages which offers guaranteed delivery and active monitoring of sent files coupled with free automated key delivery and management to exhibitors direct to their theatre management system (TMS).

The LANsat system allows playback for live events over satellite and the internet library management and 18TB of storage, giving cinemas the facility to store up to 80 features on one device.

KDM Generation

The creation of KDMs has been central to MPS’s business since its inception. Using KeyGen, MPS’s proprietary key delivery system, the company sends millions of keys per annum, supporting major studios and smaller independents alike.

The company operates an up-to-date worldwide Trusted Device List with more than 1,000 authenticated users which ensures that secure delivery of KDMs is paramount. KeyGen offers clients the choice of email delivery as well as automated ingest direct to the cinema’s TMS.

Live Event Cinema

MPS’s event cinema solution, LANsat, provides professional-grade hardware offering 2K, 3D and 4K live event exhibition, as well as browser-based remote management to this fast-growing cinema sector.

Coupled with real-time support during all live events, MPS offers the world's first IP delivery solution which can be utilised either as the primary delivery method or as a back-up delivery solution to satellite streams.

News / @MPS_London

MPS announces Howard Kiedaisch as CEO.

MPS appoints zweiB as Authorised Reseller and Territory Partner.

Sending films via satellite? All in a day's work for Motion Picture Solutions now we're using @Avanti_plc "birds".

"Film-making the UK is essentially a bourgeois sport." Discuss. Director Michael Caton-Jones on UK film output:

Good piece from @HuffPostUK on film piracy and the modern moral compass. Do we really expect something for nothing?

A lot of the team in the MPS office are pretty excited about this one… They've been busy on it! #jumpersforgoalposts

How much fun did the MPS team have at our annual rounders match? This much…

How to bring the MPS office to life after rounders in the park last night? The new trailer for #spectre Very slick.

Team B all the way. MPS rounders in the park. Great way to end the day

The MPS rounders event. It's like a film services cult meeting in Kensington Palace Gardens. Looking mellow in yellow

The world's coolest film services company? Staff rounders teams have even been issued with bespoke MPS yellow shades:

Rounders shirts only come in MPS yellow. "We'll all look like Minions," says one competitor. In a good way of course.

Just sorting team shirts for the 2nd annual MPS "Rounders in the Park" event. (It's baseball, for our LA friends)

Phew! Busy week showcasing LANsat and JukeBox - our new content catalogue - at #CineEurope Great fun but a touch tiring... Home sweet, home!

Snoopy has featured quite highly in the MPS night at #cineeurope He's the dog's wotsits...

Looking good... MPS stand at #CineEurope is coming on. Do join us tomorrow if you're in Barcelona for the show!


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